Do it yourself !

Maintenance program

As a part of our comprehensive customer education program, we are pleased to offer you as a

valuable customer, this exclusive ‘Do it yourself’ booklet. The main focus of this program is to

help you understand what you can do yourself to look after you car better through simple routine

checks as well as how to troubleshoot emergency situations, if at all any happen due to minor



It will also help you understand your car and its working in more detail. What’s more it ensures

you a smooth and trouble free ride, for many years to come.

We also take this opportunity to wish you a safe and enjoyable driving with your Hyundai car.

You can download the accompanying files and print them for use.



Routine checkups

Instrument cluster – gauges

Engine starting warning lights

General warning lights

Engine oil level

Engine coolant level

Brake oil level

Power steering fluid level & hoses

Clutch oil level

Windshield washer water level

Windshield washer water level

Windshield wipers

Clutch pedal free play

Brake pedal free play


Air conditioner

Tyre care

Appearance care

Checking belt tension

Emergency Handling

Door locked with key inside

Checking and replacing fuses

Engine not starting

Engine overheating

Headlamp not glowing

Changing a flat tyre

Aircon not working

Defogging of windshield